Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blogathon Day 9- Getting Difficult

Well were 9 days in, and this is starting to get harder, and a little frustrating.

I have absolutely no motivation to do this, other than I need the extra credit for my class.

Were learning more audio in multimedia journalism, were editing the recordings that we did on Monday.

Issue 12 for newspaper came out today. I found a pretty big mistake just a few minutes after we got the paper. We did an online poll asking students if they care about ASCC taking our voting rights away. The paper said "66% don't care" and "34% don't care" It should say, "66% don't care" and "34% care"

My editor-in-chief was saying before the paper arrived that all though he would love the paper to be flawless, he had a feeling that there was something wrong. and he was right.

If they had a fresh pair of eyes go through and look at the paper before they send it out for print, these things wouldn't happen, or at least be less common.

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