Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blogathon Day 6- My Great Grandma

My great grandma was huge on reading and writing. She spent all of her life teaching kids to read, whether it was her own kids, her grandchildren, her great grandchildren, or kids at the library she worked at.

I would like to share a poem she wrote that was read at her memorial service yesterday,


Tiny handprints on the pane
Signs of wee ones here again
Little memos left behind
On Grandma's windows freshly shined
Button nose pressed to outdoors
Watching Grandpa at his chores
Memories that make us smile
Think we'll leave then there awhile.

By Grandma Esther B. Anderson
Dallas, Oregon

This poem was published.

My great grandma was an incredible woman, and after her passing, I think that my entire family, extended relatives included, will think twice when it comes to going out with friends or spending time with family. Family was the most important thing to my grandmother, and I hope someday i can make a difference like she did.

RIP Great Grandma Anderson, I love you!

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