Friday, May 4, 2012

Blogathon, Day 4- Audio Recording

Well I must say, this month is already going by fast. And blogging everyday really isn't that hard. But were only four days in.

Today in multimedia journalism we learned out to use the audio recorders and interviewed our classmates. Im not that great at interviewing, but I liked being interviewed. Although hearing yourself in the playback was really weird. Im not a huge fan of hearing my self on audio, I sound completely different than I think I do.

I got to use these new audio recording skills after newspaper to interview students around campus about how they feel about ASCC (Associated Students of Clark College) changing students elections to students being appointed. Most didn't really care, only because they didn't really know about it. Some were astounded by the fact that this was going on, and that students deserved their say.

A lot of students asked us if as a newspaper staff if we could change this. It was in a way flattering to think that some people think we have that much power. We explained that we can't change how ASCC works, just that we report the news and whats going on around campus.

A little side note: If you know you have to be walking around campus interviewing people, don't wear heels!

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