Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blogathon, Day 3- How it all started

I had a great idea for what I was going to blog today, but then I took a nap, and now for the life of me can't remember what it was.

So now I thought I should explain how exactly I got into graphic design and journalism.

My Junior year of high school, I needed an elective, so I took Yearbook. I went into this class with absolutely no experience and no idea what I was doing. By the 4th week into the class, I had fallen in love. With designing.

My teacher asked me to take over the Design Editor position, I jumped at the opportunity! But, life always has its obstacles. I was also enrolled in AP Photography my Junior year, and second semester, yearbook and AP photography were the same class period. So i was unable to take over the design editor position for the next semester.

Second semester i went back and forth between the classes, still helping with the yearbook, but also trying to finish my AP Portfolio.

When senior year rolled around, we had all our editors set, Kaitie-Editor and Chief, Kellyn- Design editor, Kaitlyn-Journlism editor, Kendall-Photo Editor and Megan-Photo editor. And we had a new teacher. No one was thrilled about the switch in teachers.

The first half the year was rough. The new teacher didn't realize that for the most part yearbook was a student run class. Aside from the struggles from the teacher in the beginning of the year, things turned around and she let us do our thing, and we produced a fantastic yearbook.

As I graduated high school in June 2011, I had no idea where I was going for college or what I wanted to do with my life.

I started the summer thinking I was going to attend BYU-Idaho in January 2012, but then spent a month in Florida nannying, where I realized I couldn't be far away from home. I wasn't ready to leave.

Now I'm in my 3rd quarter at Clark College. My first quarter I took, Math, English, and a 2-d design class. I ended up dropping out of the design class, it wasn't what I was looking for at all. Second quarter I was signed up for math and english again, but my dad wanted me to be full time so i had to find another class that was open and at least 2 credits. I stumbled upon Journalism 101. Again, I fell in love.

A little after the half way mark of Winter quarter, Jim Evans (Editor-in-Chief of Clark College student run newspaper, The Independent, and Jackson Zeiner (Opinion Editor) came into our class trying to get people to sign up for Newspaper. They mentioned a Design Manager.

The design manager does the layout of the newspaper. The current design manager (Bradley York, aka York) is graduating this year, along with all the other editors. So as soon as mentioned that I was into design, the advisor for Newspaper, Dee Anne, made sure that i would shadow York this quarter, and learn his ways!

As of right now I have only shadowed York, but will soon be helping design a few pages.


  1. Good idea for a post! Sounds like you came up with an idea even though the other one slipped your mind. Looking back at how you got the point you provides a natural topic to write about.

    From this point, one thing a reader might want to know is what kind of design you think is interesting, or well done. Perhaps you can post an example of cool design (or poor design), or find a Web site that's doing really cool stuff with design, or, even better, share a picture of a design you worked on at your yearbook or with York at the Independent that you're proud of or that has a story behind it. Since design is important to you, consider how you might integrate visual elements into this blog.

  2. Bill, Thank you for the tips. I think my blog will turn into a lot graphic design stuff and documenting my progress in becoming a more experienced graphic designer.