Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blogathon Day 29- Two Months

In exactly two months I turn 19! whoo hoo!!!!

I am still really disappointed in myself for forgetting to blog on the 27th :( I was determined to do all 31 days. Guess i'll just have to shoot for 30 out of 31!

I just finished my application for Design manager for Clarks newspaper for fall 2012! Im one step closer to my dreams!

My parents have never really been supportive of my career choice, my dad in particular. He, along with thousands more, thinks journalism and graphic design is dying and there isn't any career opportunities for me, or at least there won't be by the time in done with college. I disagree. While newspaper popularity is clearly declining, people still need the news, and they are more likely to look at it if its visually appealing, so in my mind I have picked the perfect job! not only are there tons of opportunities for me, I love it! I refuse to work in a cubical hating my life and job just because it makes good money! Happiness is far more important to me than money.

That's my shpeel for today!

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