Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blogathon day 24- addiction and technology

I have two things I wanted to write about today. Addiction and technology.

I recently gave up all coffee, energy drinks and pop. I was getting coffee everyday before school, and multiple energy drinks durning school and drinking pop every night at work. My body was relying on all of this to function. I am happy to say it has been a week since I had coffee, energy drinks and pop. The first couple days were rough. I had really bad head aches and was super tired, but now, I feel incredibly better, and I'm not as tired anymore. I am drinking only water and i must say it has made a world of difference in just a week. I no longer rely on caffeine to function.

I got an iPhone about two weeks ago and i absolutely love it! Since then, I have been blogging with the blogger app, except for today. I also have gotten a lot of photography apps and have been playing with those. I got a recording app for my multimedia class as well. With being a student journalist, this phone has really helped me the the change of multimedia journalism. The world of journalism is changing and i am proud to be apart of it, even if in the smallest way.


  1. Technology has become more innovative, day by day, everyday introduce new technology. I think now without it life isn’t comfortable.


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  2. I agree completely. People have gotten to the point to where they are relying on technology. For example, my dad. He had an old phone and he never took it with him anywhere. A little over a year ago he got an iPhone, and now he never leaves with out it. Just an example.