Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blogathon day 22- injuries

I was a dancer in high school and have been most of my life, so injuries were common for me.

I often found myself taped or wrapped. Once even in a cast in the middle of competition season.

Now that I am out of high school and not dancing competitively anymore. Getting an injury has been a whole new experience.

I went snowboarding a few months ago and had a nasty fall and did something to my elbow. I didn't think anything of it until three months later I still can not straighten it and it's swollen really bad.

I finally decided to go to the doctor but of course the X-ray came back normal, however my elbow does not look normal in any way.

My doctor believes there is a loose piece of cartilage just floating around that has healed in the wrong spot causing the swelling and my being unable to straighten my arm.

Now an MRI is in in order for later this week. Hopefully we can get this sorted out and no cast or surgery is needed.

P.S. I hate doctors offices.

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