Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blogathon, Day 2-Discouraged

Today in multimedia journalism, we are discussing our audiences for our blogs.
As we go around as a class, and more than half the class has an idea of who their audience is, I do not.
I am becoming more and more discouraged with my blog.
Although I don't have a specific topic, I still hope that people read this blog.
As a requirement for multimedia journalism we had to create a twitter. Before the class started I had a twitter, but never used it. At the beginning of the quarter I had 6 tweets after 4 months of having a twitter. now, at 43 tweets, I have started to really get into it.
When my teacher, Bill, asked why and how I got into twitter, but am having trouble with Blogging, I said in twitter I interact with people, not just students from my class, but others around Vancouver.
Being able to see how many people view yours posts on each day and each post, seeing that no one has even read my last two posts, is discouraging.
Is my blog even going to make difference?


  1. Don't get discouraged Kellyn! This is my second year in Blogathon. Last year I literally threw a blog together the week before Blogathon began. I knew nothing about blogging, twitter, tweetchat, Wordpress... I learned a lot! And as of today, my blog has over 1,400 pageviews and a LOT of comments so...don't get discouraged. It takes time. I also suggest that you visit some of the other blogathoners' blogs and leave comments. They will reciprocate! Hang in there!