Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blogathon, Day 1

Today marks the beginning of May, one of the hardest months for everyone. For students, its a month before school is out, its getting warmer outside which makes it hard to focus in school. But most importantly it marks the beginning of BLOGATHON 2012. I got into blogging because of my journalism 111 class (multimedia Journalism) and we are required to blog. I have had some issues with this, I'm not a huge blogger, and I don't really know what exactly I'm supposed to blog about. So once I heard about this blogathon I knew it would be a great way to get me into blogging. Every day for 31 days is a challenge, not only for me, but most likely others as well, people who like blogging and are used to it.
Seeing as I want to be a Journalist/graphic designer, I should be able to do this very well, and hopefully over time I'll get better at it. But as of now, this is it. This is all I can do. Explain how I'm feeling about this whole situation.

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  1. You're right: blogging 31 days straight is hard. I haven't touched my blog for a couple of months, because I haven't had anything to say. But feel free to just express yourself there! It's YOUR blog!